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The Dangan Ronpa Meme!!

The Dangan Ronpa Meme

Love playing Dangans? Good at certain characters or unsure at others? Well, this is the meme for ALL OF YOU! Bring all of your Dangans- yes, all of them! Voicetest new Dangan muses, or play with old hats. Mix up canon points! Thread out how certain canon moments might've been, with twists, or with extra detail! GET SOME MURDER GOING! The floor is all yours, so play how you want to play! Make new friends! Make new ships or play out old ships! Get some AUs going! This meme can be your putty - shape it into what YOU ALL want!

The only rule to this meme is that only Dangan Ronpa muses are allowed!!

1. Post your character, which game they're from, and shipping preferences if you wish to have shipping be an option!
2. Post any important info in the body text, such as if you only know certain games (to avoid spoilers from games/parts of canon) and if you do or don't care about spoilers!
4. You're free to chat with each other OOCly in comments if you want to thread something out and don't have each other friended on Plurk!
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Gundam Tanaka | Super Dangan Ronpa 2

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[Okay with any canon point!]
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[A school field trip to a petting zoo was one of the most thrilling things that could have happened to this princess. Hope's Peak field trips were always exciting, but to be surrounded by all sorts of cute and fluffy animals? She couldn't wait and she made a vow to pet every single one of them.

When she steps off of the bus, Sonia is glancing around her class; trying to find a particular person. As soon as she spots Gundam, she's practically shining with excitement as she walks over to greet him.

Not only did she make it her personal mission to pet all the cute animals, she wanted to learn about them as well. And who better than to ask than the Super High School Level Animal Breeder, himself? Because she was certain that some of these animals weren't even in her country.]

Tanaka-san! Would you do me the honor of accompanying me through the petting zoo?

[There were definitely some sparkles in her eyes.]

I heard that this place has the most magnificent creature known as the Alpaca! We don't have creatures like those in Novoselic and I would absolutely love to see one in person.
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[This was possibly the most anticipated day of the school year for him - his own personal holy pilgrimage: the trip to the petting zoo.

Gundam had made his own vows regarding the petting of many an animal and actually recited those vows aloud during the ride to the zoo.

He is about to embark on his own dark journey when the Dark Lady comes to him with a proposition. Gundam listens out of curiosity and proceeds to stroke his chin with an amused smirk.]

Kehehe... How interesting! I choose to accept your terms. Under the guidance of my dark will, you will be guaranteed a thorough and awe-inspiring tour of this holy place! There are many demon beasts here waiting to be properly petted, and with our combined power we can see to all of their needs!

And yes, we will even seek out the mythical alpaca, and you shall learn of its majesty firsthand!
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Thank you so very much! You have my utmost gratitude.

[She was beaming at his agreement to explore the petting zoo together. This was the first time she's ever been to a zoo that actually let you pet the animals. Just the name "petting" zoo, was already magical sounding. If she was this excited, she couldn't imagine how Gundam must feel.]

Splendid! Then I declare, by the power of your dark will, I shall be under the guidance of Tanaka-san the Forbidden one throughout the duration of our journey. I look forward to learning about the powers that each of these beasts may have. Along with finally being face to face with the majestic alpaca!

[Oh how thrilling it was going to be when she would finally be able to touch an alpaca's soft wool!]

Let us move onwards. I believe... [She stops to read the pamphlet that she was holding in her hands.] the bunnies are first!
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[Gundam has no pamphlet of his own; he knows that there is nothing that he can learn from it that he does not already know.

So he listens to Sonia's dictation instead, and he grins warmly as he hears the first option.]

Fuhahahaha! Precisely! So that pamphlet does know the proper order of the universe... the bunnies are to be first. Starting with any other specimen would make for a lacking experience. Yet the bunny has exactly the right combination of fluff and cuteness to properly act as this adventure's first gatekeeper. Onwards!

[He doesn't follow any signs; instead, he sniffs at the air. Fainting detecting traces of the smell of rabbit feces in the air, he proceeds to march towards the bunny pen!]
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[Wow, he was so cool! Sonia was finding herself entranced by his words and was listening to him with stars in her eyes. She was even starting to wonder if she needed that pamphlet to begin with. As she's following him, she decides to just put the pamphlet back into her jacket pocket for now. After all, who needed that when you had the expert with dark powers guiding you through the petting zoo?

This was truly going to make for a wonderful experience. She was practically tickled pink.]

I shall follow your lead, then! It is only natural that you would lead us in the correct direction to the gatekeeper.

[When they reach the bunny pen, Sonia only continued to be impressed by him and she was so glad that she asked him to guide her. Seeing the fluffy bunnies scurrying around the pen made her heart want to melt.]

Tanaka-san, your magic led us straight to the bunny pen! Your powers are truly divine! It's as if, you are a bunny whisperer and they were calling out for you.
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[So much praise... Gundam blushes slightly and tugs at his scarf.]

I-it was but a small feat for someone with my level of bestial intuition.

[And of course, the bunnies in the pen are remarkably cute, which makes his blush deepen. They're so fluffy, he doesn't even know where to start! But he shifts a glance towards Sonia as he makes a decision.]

...Would you care for the honor of making first contact? I can sense that they feel no ill intent towards us, so you need not fear any of their defense mechanisms...
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[Seeing Gundam blush and tugging on his scarf causes her to softly chuckle.]

I would be absolutely delighted to do that! I feel so honored that you would let me be the first.

[Just as she stepped into the pen to look for one of those cuties to hold, an extremely fluffy white bunny happened to approach Sonia, poking her foot with it's nose. It's so cute and she found herself beginning to blush from the adorable sight. In her mind, it looked like a walking cloud!! She carefully bends down and scoops it in her arms, placing one hand underneath the bunny's feet to support it before bringing it's body close to her's. With her free hand, she starts to softly pet the top of the rabbit's head in an attempt soothe it.]

Is this the proper way to hold a bunny? I do not wish to make it unhappy.

[The last thing she wanted to do was make the precious bunny feel uncomfortable.]
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[It really is do damn cute... Gundam's scarf lowers somewhat, and a delighted smile crosses his face as he looks down towards the bun of the clouds. He watches carefully as she gets to work, with his own arms crossed, and he nods softly.]

Your intuition was keen... There is no problem whatsoever with your technique! The creature's delight is assured.

[The bunny only seemed pleased in her hold giving a soft bunny pur!]
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[As if looking at the bunnies wasn't adorable enough! She was in perpetual bliss when she heard the sweet creature puring.]

Thank you for the reassurance! I want to make sure that all the animals I come in contact with are comfortable with me. So, I am very grateful that you are here and that I can listen to your expertise in making all of these wonderful animals happy!

[As Sonia's smiling to herself and feeling relaxed while petting the bunny, she notices a few rabbits making their way over to Gundam. How cute! She's giggling to herself as she continues to watch them. However, she happens to notice that one by one, all of the bunnies in the pen had started to surround Gundam.

Oh my.

It's like a bunny magic circle!!]

Tanaka-san, that's amazing! It seems as if all the rabbits in this pen are drawn to your powers.
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[A bunny magic circle?! The most magical bunny circle! Having this much attention from cute bunnies makes him blush and look confused for a moment.]

Could it be? I may be the chosen one after all...!

[With that, he gets down on his knees, bowing to the buns.]

My furry friends, you bow to no one!
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Sorry for the delay!!

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[While she's always believed in his powers, watching this adorable sight only continued to convice her that his dark magics were real.]

You truly are the chosen one! I've never seen this many rabbits surround someone before. This is ... [She pauses. What was that one word she recently learned?] Floof! This is so very floof.

[One of the bunnies has managed to climb onto of Gundam, making a home on top of his head. The small bunny lets out a yawn before it nuzzles against his head.]

That one in particular seems to have taken a liking to you.
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No worries!!

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[One couldn't ask for a better display of the dark arts!

The dark lord himself is practically melting from the affection of the bunnies, yet he still manages to fit some smarm into his otherwise goofy grin.]

Kehehe... Precisely! Their floof levels are over nine thousand!

[He practically glows with warmth as he glances up at the rabbit perched on his head.]

What have we here? Yes, I see... this is a beast who has plundered carrots from the garden of the devil himself! His presence must be an omen of dark times to come...! [He says that with reverence.]

I accept your prophecy, Rabbager! [That's its name now.]
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THANK YOU ... over nine thousand!!

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Amazing! [Sonia's practically sparkling in excitement as she's listening to him.] I commend that rabbit's bravery, it takes guts to be able to steal carrots from the devil's garden.


[It's a beautiful name. It rolls right off of her tongue.]

How debonair! That's such a dashing name.

[With the bunny still in her hand, she carefully approaches the dark lord and his little demon. Her eyes soften as she continues to watch them, it made her feel at peace seeing him so happy. His goofy grin was only continuing to make her heart feel warm and fuzzy inside.]

Hello Rabbager, it's an honor to meet you. I see you are already attatched to Tanaka-san! You must have an all seeing eye as well. He's magnificent!
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You're very welcome!?

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It is a worthy name for a beast with such deadly potential.

[He chuckles warmly as he practically drowns in fluff heaven.]

True, Rabbager's senses are keen in order to recognize my power signature. Of course, I am sure that he would be glad to serve you as well! I don't mind sharing this vassal...
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Would he? I'm so elated to hear that! I'm beyond flattered that he would be willing to serve the both of us. [While trying to be careful with the bunny in her arms, she slowly reaches one of her hands out, giving Rabbager a soft pat on the head.]

Thank you so much, Rabbager. I'm sure you will serve us well.

[She ponders to herself as she looks down at the bunny that she's been holding this whole time. It didn't dawn on her to give the rabbit a name, and she felt inspired after hearing Gundam's chosen name.]

I wonder what I should name you.... Ah! I shall name you, Liliaca! It means "Enchanted one" in Novoselic and this little one has certainly enchanted me with it's charms.
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[As she pats Rabbager, the bunny tries to nuzzle affectionately into her hand.

Gundam glances towards her and her companion with a grin.]

Kehehe... Well chosen. A fitting name that will soon be feared throughout all of creation! ...And an adorable one as well!

These rabbits certainly wield powerful magic. Even my will is like nothing in the face of their 'floof'...
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Why thank you! Together we make a great naming team. We must make it a mission to name the animals in the other pens as well.

[Feeling Rabbager nuzzling against her hand made her heart want to soar. This was the definition of paradise. While she was no animal expert like Gundam, she could sense that her little bunny wanted to go back on the ground and be with it's rabbit family. With a soft smile, she bends down and lets Liliaca go scurry off to play with the other bunnies.]

Their magic is very powerful. Just standing here and petting this floofy one is calming and I feel healed by it's presence. [She feels at peace as she's watching all the bunnies that were still surrounding Gundam.]

This place is truly your element, Tanaka-san. I feel so happy watching you. [Not only that, it made her happy to see him having so much fun.]
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Of course. Determining the earthly names of these demon beasts is among the most sacred of the duties that we must carry out on this day!

[It truly is a magical effect... Gundam smiles as he pets each rabbit in turn, but he blushes at Sonia's reaction.]

I-it is not such a joyous sight! I... am merely grooming the underworld's legions!
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[She's beaming at him with a wide smile at his reaction. Too cute! This was only the first animal that they've got to spend time with, but she's already having too much fun.]

Well, you are certainly doing a good job at grooming them! It's like, you've managed to tame the underworld's legions with your touch.

[The bunnies look super calm and at peace while Gundam pets him. Each one of them were nuzzling against his hand or poking at him with their cute bunny noses. Watching it was almost too much for Sonia's maiden heart. She was convinced this was how the characters in her Japanese dramas must have felt. This doki doki heart throbbing sensation.]

Now, as much as I don't want to leave this pen... [Sonia glances over at Liliaca, who was now sitting next to Gundam.] Shall we go visit the other animals? Maybe we can come back and bid these bunnies farewell before we leave the petting zoo. They've warmed my heart.
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You are right. [It distracts him from feeling flustered, so he quickly stands back up, with Rabbager still perched on his head.]

Time is of the essence... the rabbit tribe has received a sufficient amount of affection, and it is certainly time that we have continued our quest!

[He looks around at the rabbits with a warm smile.]

Until the hour of our return, stay strong, you fluffiest of beasts...

[With that, he turns on his heel and moves to exit the pen.]
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[Sonia smiles at Rabbager still perched on top of Gundam's head. It looked like the little ball of fluff did not want to leave his side. She wondered if he could adopt it and made a mental note to command ask the owner of the petting zoo if he could take the cutie with him. Before she leaves the pen, she makes sure to politely courtesy at the rabbits.]

We will be back! Thank you for the wonderful visit and for letting us pet your floofy fur.

[With that last greeting, she quickly follows after Gundam, her heart feeling fluffy, just like those rabbits. She's reaching over to grab the pamphlet from her pocket but she stops and glances over at Gundam instead.]

Let us hop to it, Tanaka-san! [HA HA HA.......] I'm going to place my full trust in your instincts instead of this pamphlet. Which animal pen do you sense?
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[Gundam will not allow Rabbager to be stirred from his perch so long as it is his will to be there... He is willing to clash with even the zoo's owner if need be.

With that, they move on. He is feeling quite content with this quest so far! As Sonia speaks to him, he flushes slightly with the trust placed within him. But then he places a finger to his forehead as he lets his senses do the rest.]

Ah... I see. So that is our next destination.

[A beat.]

The hour of the goats is at hand.
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[Go Gundam! Show the zoo's owner just how terrifying your magic powers are.

As he is using his powers to sense She's watching him, her gaze not breaking away from him for even a single second.]

Wow! So cool... [She's definitely starstruck by him, and there were some pretty intense sparkles surrounding her.] This will be my first time seeing a goat in person too and it's all so exciting!

[With that, she walks alongside with him to where the hour of goats would be upon them. Once they made it to the next pen, the sounds of baaing (???) bleating (????) (okay, Sonia wasn't quite sure how to describe the noises that goats make, but they were still cute!) could be heard.]

Amazing! Once again, your powers never fail to wow me, Tanaka-san. [She's in giddy seeing all of the cute goats running around.] Look! There's some baby goats as well.
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what does the goat say https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCxQH8lmStU

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[He'll totally show the zoo's owner!! Eventually. If he has to.

He can feel her gaze lingering on him, and it makes his cheeks burn more. But he maintains his composure otherwise as they near the goat's pen.]

Then you are in for quite a treat... Did you know that a goat's call and its scent are entirely unique from individual to individual? That is how a mother goat tells her children apart. They do not rely upon such fallible senses such as physical sight!

[He chuckles confidently as they set foot into the pen and walks among them, wasting no time in trying to pet them.]

Kehehe... This is but a simple task for someone of my power. [He manages to properly bask in that compliment and nods in confirmation of the presence of baby goats.] Of course... an entire tribe is represented here, even the young. Every one of them must receive affecion!